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Syntax enforcement

I think I summed up things in my previous post.  Unfortunately I was ignored and while I would love to see how the dust settles I fear taking inaction would irreversibly hurt the service and the work I have invested into making it as good as it has become.

Spock said it best with, “[...] the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few.”

That being said I am now doing pre-processing of all updates globally.  This will actually only impact a very small subset of the user base (<1%) so many of you won’t even notice.  This will be a temporary solution until I can add in a bunch of other features people have been requesting.

2 Responses to “Syntax enforcement”

  1. Ravi, I really really really appreciate the work you’ve done to make this service happen. I follow your guidelines, but I’ve barely noticed the noise that you mention before.

  2. On your syntax page, you mentioned that the service type was encoded in the first digit of the train number. Similarly, the direction is encoded in the last digit. Even numbers go south, odd go north.

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