Community supported Caltrain notices, one tweet at a time

Twitter is about…

Community!  Lindsay Schauer of Twitter write a great blog post about this service for the new Twitter Tales site.

Also as a followup to an editorial update Mark Otto succinctly rephrased my response with “We don’t follow you for personal opinions; we follow you as a community wanting to know how we’re getting to/from work each day.”  Well said, Mark!
The service is also approaching the 3 year anniversary and there are 4,490 @caltrain follows, 465 @bikecar, and 534 email keys have bee issued.  Quite an accomplishment, I think, for a small grassroots project.

Thank you to everyone who has continued to help make this a valuable service to the community.

2 Responses to “Twitter is about…”

  1. And thank YOU, Ravi, for providing this valuable service!

  2. If you have not seen the “new” Twitter launch video, it features our little band of intrepid caltrain ridders (aka @caltrain) pretty prominently. Didn’t want to send this as a tweet but thought you should know.