Community supported Caltrain notices, one tweet at a time

Getting Started

Getting started is fairly simple and is a 5 step process that involves 2 key components. This guide will attempt to walk you through this process.

1) Read the About page for this service.  It will give some background of it, describe Twitter, and where to email your request for a update key so you can participate.

2) Create a Twitter account to receive these updates.

3) If you didn’t configure a mobile device during your initial Twitter setup you can do so at the Devices Configuration.  Make sure you set updates to On for the device.

4) Go to the Twitter Caltrain and/or Bikecar page and click the Follow link just below the icon at the upper-left of the page and then turn on device updates for that account.

5) Read the Updating Guide to better craft your tweet.  You should expect to receive about 5 SMS on average during each commute period.

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